Imperfections to stack

No two snowflakes are alike. Each snowflake takes the perfect form for the maximum efficiency and effectiveness for its journey. And while the universal force of gravity gives them a shared destination, the expansive space in the air gives each snowflake the opportunity to take their own path. They are on the same journey, but each takes a different path.

Along this gravity-driven journey, some snowflakes collide and damage each other, some collide and join together, some are influenced by wind... there are so many transitions and changes that take place along the journey of the snowflake. But, no matter what the transition, the snowflake always finds itself perfectly shaped for its journey. Our Imperfections to Stack Collection are meant to remind you that you are special and unique and nobody else in this world is just quite like you! Embrace your Imperfections!

Our rings and bangles are all sterling silver but they have been plated with gold and black ruthenium. Due to the unique technological process the top color might suffer modification but that will only add to the uniqueness of your piece.